AWS Batch compute environment needs recreating after launch template change

Hi Guys,

Im having trouble applying changes to my AWS Batch configuration. As part of my batch cluster I use a custom Launch Template for the instances in the compute environment. However when I make a change to the Launch Template the Batch compute environment remains un-modified.

According to the AWS Batch docs, if the Launch Template is updated with a new version the entire compute environment needs to be destroyed and rebuilt:

AWS Batch does not support updating a compute environment with a new launch template version. If you update your launch template, you must create a new compute environment with the new template for the changes to take effect.

As a result, the only way to apply changes to the Launch Template is to manually destroy the compute environment before applying the plan.

I performed a quick search and I cannot find a way to trigger a forced re-create on a resource: #8099

Any fixes, help or work-arounds would be greatly appreciated.

Im using the following version of Terraform.

Terraform v0.13.3 
+ provider v3.8.0
+ provider v3.8.0
+ provider v2.1.2

Expected Behavior aws_batch_compute_environment resource using a modified

aws_launch_template resource is forced to be recreated

Actual Behavior aws_launch_template resources are updated in-place but

aws_batch_compute_environment resources remains unmodified