AWS capacity_providers do not inherit providers default_tags

I have configured default_tags on provider configuration and create a ton of rosources and all of them inherit those, except capacity_providers.

 aws ecs describe-capacity-providers --query "capacityProviders[*].tags"                                                    

And if I try to enforce it like this:

data "aws_default_tags" "current" {}

resource "aws_ecs_capacity_provider" "capacity_provider" {
  name  = "smth/smth/capacity-provider"

  auto_scaling_group_provider {
  tags = data.aws_default_tags.current.tags

I get

"tags" are identical to those in the "default_tags" configuration block of the provider: please de-duplicate and try again

Same for ecs task_definition…

Nvm, it’s a bug in aws CLI…