AWS Cloudfront provisioning - lambda_function_association

Using terraform, I am provisioning cloudfront. One of the attribute is “lambda_function_association” where we associate a lambda to the cloudfront.

I get the following error message complaining about lambda function memory size

Error: error updating CloudFront Distribution (ENLY37UZ3CJCF): 
     InvalidLambdaFunctionAssociation: The function memory size is larger than the maximum 
     allowed size for functions that are triggered by a CloudFront event: 1024 
     Max allowed: 128 Function: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:myaccount:function:myaccount- 

resource "aws_cloudfront_distribution" "clientcloudfrontdistrotest" {

  default_cache_behavior {
      forwarded_values {
      query_string = true
      cookies {
          forward = "none"

   lambda_function_association {
      event_type   = "viewer-response"
     include_body = false
     lambda_arn =  var.lambda_arn
   target_origin_id       = var.targetoriginid
   viewer_protocol_policy = var.viewerprotocolpolicy
  resource "aws_cloudfront_origin_access_identity" "origin_access_identity" {
  comment = "Origin Access ID for admin UI"