AWS DMS to Elasticsearch

We have production databases streaming to Elasticsearch via DMS

Is there any way we can specify a custom index rather then assuming the index would be matching the table that is streamed from DMS, ie. TABLE_NAME-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}?

The ideal circumstance would be stream data into a daily index to make it easy for backing up / restore based on a certain data retention policy by our organization.

Please advise, thanks,

Here’s an excerpt of the code

resource “aws_dms_endpoint” “elasticsearch” {
endpoint_id = “elasticsearch”
endpoint_type = “target”
engine_name = “elasticsearch”
tags = var.tags_default

elasticsearch_settings {
endpoint_uri = var.elasticsearch_endpoint
service_access_role_arn = “${aws_iam_role.dms_elasticsearch_role.arn}”

There is no means to set a custom index for the streamed database into Elasticsearch