Aws dynamodb kinesis streaming destination IAM issue

have a bare bones config (excluding the data stuff)

resource "aws_dynamodb_kinesis_streaming_destination" "example" {
        table_name              =       data.aws_dynamodb_table.tabledata.arn
        stream_arn              =

however when I try to create it, i get an error that I do not have permissions to create it. This is using the admin role. Iā€™m able to create this through the web console with the same role. And looking at the cloudtrail logs, I see the same event name.

The web console was successful. however the terraform one was not.

"userAgent": "APN/1.0 HashiCorp/1.0 Terraform/1.3.3 (+ terraform-provider-aws/4.52.0 (+ aws-sdk-go/1.44.186 (go1.19.3; linux; amd64)",
Plan: 1 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
aws_dynamodb_kinesis_streaming_destination.table---stream: Creating...
ā”‚ Error: error enabling DynamoDB Kinesis streaming destination (stream: arn:aws:kinesis:us-east-1:<acct>:stream/stream, table: arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:<acct>:table/table): AccessDeniedException: User: arn:aws:sts::<acct>:assumed-role/super_admin_role/admin_terraform is not authorized to perform: dynamodb:EnableKinesisStreamingDestination on resource: arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:<acct>:table/arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:<acct>:table/table
ā”‚ 	status code: 400, request id:

has anyone been able to create this successfully on terraform?



Having the same issue. I am able to do it from Console.