Aws-ebs-csi controller unable to retrieve data from ec2 metadata

Hello, having a challenge deploying the ebs-csi controller.Job returns the error below. Not sure how to fix this. The nodes have AWS imdbv2 enabled. Would appreciate any suggestion

I0617 22:28:54.892883       1 driver.go:72] Driver: Version: v1.0.0
I0617 22:28:54.892942       1 controller.go:80] [Debug] Retrieving region from metadata service
I0617 22:28:54.892948       1 metadata.go:101] retrieving instance data from ec2 metadata
W0617 22:28:58.157927       1 metadata.go:104] ec2 metadata is not available
I0617 22:28:58.157942       1 metadata.go:112] retrieving instance data from kubernetes api
W0617 22:28:58.157948       1 metadata.go:115] error creating kubernetes api client: unable to load in-cluster configuration, KUBERNETES_SERVICE_HOST and KUBERNETES_SERVICE_PORT must be defined
panic: error getting instance data from ec2 metadata or kubernetes api

Hi @junydania :wave:

Would it be possible to share your CSI plugin job?