AWS EBS volumes in multiple regions


currently we´re importing our existing infrastructure step by step into TF.
For our department we start with the EC2 instances which are located in two different regions.
So managing EC2 instances in one file with different locations is working fine.
I`d like to import the ebs volumes also as a resource but here I have to enter a region ( Cause there is no default one).
If I enter the region where the ebs volume is it works, but since we have instances in different regions we also have ebs volumes in different regions.

If I enter a different region then where the ebs is the import will fail (which makes sense so far).

Is there a possibility how I could handle that problem?

Config is like that:

resource "aws_volume_attachment" "test-att_att" {
  device_name = "/dev/sda1"
  volume_id   = "${}"
  instance_id = "${}"
resource "aws_ebs_volume" "test_att" {
  provider          = "aws.ire"
  availability_zone = "${aws_instance.test_att.availability_zone}"
  size              = 8
  type              = "gp2"

   tags = {
    terraform = "true"
    app       = "test_att"

resource "aws_instance" "test_att" {
  provider      = "aws.ire"
  ami           = "ami-01e6a0b85de033c99"
  instance_type = "t2.micro"
  tags = {
    Name = "Test "
        terraform = "true"

Resolved by fixing a typo…
Provider statement works for ebs volumes.

The only thing to notice is that i haven´t found a way to import ebs volumes from a different region with a set default provider.
But the plan way anyway to work without a default provider.