AWS EC2 AMI auto subscribe?

Hi, we are building some machines in AWS using EC2 instances from the marketplace. Specifically Ubuntu, so we can run Guacamole on it. However, when we try to spin that AMI up in a different org and OU, we get an error saying we must subscribe through the console. Is there a way to auto subscribe to an AMI so we can do this programmatically. Having to log into the console to accept the terms is not an option for our end users. ??

Hi @thehackerverse,

I will caution that it’s been a long time since I dealt with this and so my information might be stale, but last time I researched this the answer was that marketplace subscriptions must always be done manually in the AWS console because they have a legal component (accepting terms of use, etc) rather than just a technical component.

I guess your situation is perhaps an example of why that is true: your end-users would be bound by whatever terms are in the terms of use, and so you cannot agree to that contract on their behalf. They must review the terms and agree to it themselves.

I am not a lawyer, of course, and the above is not legal advice. Just a fellow engineer trying to make some sense of an inconvenient rule. :grinning:

Yes, you can automate the subscription process for AWS Marketplace AMIs programmatically using the AWS Marketplace Metering Service API. By utilizing this API, you can subscribe to the desired AMI by retrieving its product code and then using the Subscribe API operation. This allows you to streamline the deployment of EC2 instances from Marketplace AMIs across different AWS accounts and organizational units without requiring manual intervention through the AWS Management Console.