AWS EKS with Terraform troubles

Hello everyone! I am new to using Terraform with AWS EKS and have been really wanting to work with this for some time. I am arriving to an issue which I do not seem to understand and I would greatly appreciate any help!

So, I was able to plan and push the example given by HashiCorp from this url:

It has successfully pushed and I can see the VPC with the 2 EC2 instances. The only field I changed is the instance type from m4.large to t2.small.

From this point, I am now trying to connect the clusters. I type out the specifications the kubeconfig like so:
terraform output kubeconfig > kubeconfig

The file is successfully installed in my folder and shows the correct information. However, an issue arises when I type this:
kubectl config view

I get this:

apiVersion: v1
current-context: “”
kind: Config
preferences: {}

Why can’t my kubeconfig file connect to my system. I would appreciate any help!

kubectl uses the config under ~/.kube/
so you need to put it there

another option would be:
export KUBECONFIG=./kubeconfig
and then running the kubectl commands you wish to make