AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment Resource

Terraform v0.11.14
+ v2.70.0


I’ve inherited a Terraform configuration for an Elastic Beanstalk Environment that is running in production. The code is pretty sparse:

resource "aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment" "ebs_env" {
  name        = "${var.app_name}-${var.env_name}"
  application = "${var.app_name}"

  cname_prefix = "prod-${lower(var.app_name)}-${var.env_name}"

  template_name = "${var.app_name}-${var.env_name}"

If I go into the AWS console and add an environment variable and then refresh my state, running terraform plan doesn’t say I need to make any changes. I would expect it to detect the added variable and want to remove it, because it’s not in my code (copied above).

My question: if I omit “settings” blocks in my code, does that create this effect where manual changes to settings in production don’t spur Terraform to revert the managed resource? In other words, are the settings invisible to Terraform unless you specify them in your resource block?