Aws_elasticsearch_domain resource supports till which Opensearch version

We are using aws_elasticsearch_domain terraform resource to manage/create our current Elasticsearch(currently in 7.10) domain in AWS. Planning to upgrade the
Elasticsearch domain to Opensearch Domain(ES 7.10–>OS 1.3–>OS 2.11) using terraform code.

However it has been observed that changing the resource from aws_elasticsearch_domain to aws_opensearch_domain is deleting the current
elasticsearch_domain resource and recreating a new Opensearch resource which we do not want in our production environment.

So as a workaround we have done a POC to see if we can use older aws_elasticsearch_domain resource with opensearch version 2.11(see snapshot)
which is working fine as of now i:e not deleting the resource , just doing an in place update of the software version.

Below is my observation and query:

Observation: we can upgrade from elasticsearch 7.10 to opensearch 2.11 with the older terraform aws_elasticsearch_domain resource.
This elasticsearch terraform resource is compatible with opensearch software version.

Query: Will the aws_elasticsearch_domain resource is going to support future(>2.11) opensearch version too or do I have to change it to aws_opensearch_domain
in coming future. Do we have any guildeline or support document which confirms the compatibility of elasticsearch_domain with current and upcoming
opensearch software version.