Aws_glue_schema: how to update a schema?


I am trying to use terraform to create a AWS Glue Schema Registry and add some Schemas to it.

Part of the schemas I want to push to my registry is a sequence of 4 schemas: event-v1.avsc, event-v2.avsc, event-v3.avsc, event-v4.avsc (same schema but with some version bumps; differences between these 4 versions is a new optional property added every version bump…)

Below is how I load my schemas in my .tf terraform file:

resource "aws_glue_schema" "schemas" {
  for_each          = fileset("${path.module}/${var.avro_path}", "**/*.avsc")
  schema_name       = jsondecode(file("${path.module}/${var.avro_path}/${each.value}")).name
  registry_arn      = aws_glue_registry.myRegistry.arn
  data_format       = "AVRO"
  compatibility     = "FULL_ALL"
  schema_definition = file("${path.module}/${var.avro_path}/${each.value}")

With this 4 schemas usecase, when I “terraform apply”, I get 3 times:
"error creating Glue Schema: AlreadyExistsException: Schema already exists." (it makes sense that only one get created…)

But now, what is the proper way to first create the initial schema event-v1.avsc and then update this schema to event-v2.avsc, event-v3.avsc, event-v4.avsc?..