Aws_lambda_alias not founding function even it is already created

Hello people,

If you could, please help me,

Terraform version [1] I am having an issue with an AWS alias, there is a pipeline created, its purpose is for creating resources over an AWS account, however, once it is running there is an issue for finding a lambda function already created, and the console output is:

" `Error updating Lambda alias: ResourceNotFoundException: Function not found: arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:#ACCOUNT:function:FUNCTION_NAME"

The resource block is defined as below:

resource “aws_lambda_alias” “lambda_alias_name” {
name = “live”
function_name = aws_lambda_function.RESOURCE_NAME.arn
function_version = “1”

I thought that the issue was related to the fact that the lambda in question does not have a version configured, therefore, I did a test by modifying the argument “function_version”, setting “$LATEST” instead of “1”, however, the console output displayed the following error, so IMHO I think the version is not the main issue.

“Error: error putting Lambda Provisioned Concurrency Config (LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME:live): InvalidParameterValueException: Provisioned Concurrency Configs cannot be applied to unpublished function versions.”

I have research about this error, but I haven’t found much information about it here are some resources about it, it is a similar but not the same behavior [2]

Has someone ever experienced the same behavior?

Please, any additional advice or steps would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.