AWS Load Balancer reached maximum 5 conditions

Hi, I’m trying to update a set of Load Balancer rules in AWS, although AWS has a limit of five conditions per rule, and rule #1 is already at a maximum of five conditions.
So with my rule #1, its got host= and path=/dest1 OR /dest2 OR path=/dest3 and so on.
To get around this in AWS console, I would add a 2nd rule below that, with the same host condition but now I can add path=/dest6 OR path=/dest7.

Can anyone advise how to set that up in terraform?
Out of curiousity I did try adding more than five conditions in terraform but when I tf apply I get "error modifying LB Listener Rule: ValidationError: A rule can only have ‘5’ condition values. status code 400.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.