AWS Memorydb for redis update user timeout

Hi All,

We are running terraform via github actions to deploy to our aws account.

terraform aws provider 4.17.1

One of the terraform modules deals with creating aws memory db cluster and the related resources e.g. user and then adding that user to the ACL for example.

Since last week we have been getting this timeout exception while creating/updating memorydb user.

Error: error waiting for MemoryDB User (user-xxx) to be modified: timeout while waiting for state to become 'active' (last state: 'modifying', timeout: 5m0s)
│   with aws_memorydb_user.users["user-xxx"],
│   on line 68, in resource "aws_memorydb_user" "users":
│   68: resource "aws_memorydb_user" "users" {

From what I have seen so far is that timeout occurs exactly after 5 mins.

Has anyone faced this before?