AWS Organisation Policies - No available Data resource


We have a multi-state Terraform configuration for an AWS Organisation. In one state, we create organisation policies and in another state we want to attach those policies to accounts/OUs.

I’m having an issue working out how we can lookup the organisation policy to be used as an attachment, as there doesn’t seem to be a data resoruce. The AWS organization data block allows you to see the policy types that are enabled but doesn’t seem to list the actual policies.

How can I get the Policy ID using the AWS Provider, when module output is unavailable?

You could use the remote state data source to pass things between state files?

Yes this could work was just wondering if I’d missed some sort of available resource that would allow me to read these details. Seems strange it isn’t available.

Want to avoid the remote state to keep the code base more readable but if that’s the only option then I’ll do that.

Also have considered a local-exec to use api to look it up or just extending the provider