AWS Provider 3.25.0 issues

After updating to AWS provider 3.25.0 I got the following after exectuing pipeline:

in resource "aws_lambda_function" "lambda_function":
651 4: resource "aws_lambda_function" "lambda_function" {
655 Error: handler and runtime must be set when PackageType is Zip

Can it be fixed somehow?

Hi @almarty,

Since this seems to be a difference in behavior after upgrading, I think it would help if you can say which version of the AWS provider you were using before.

If you were upgrading from a previous major version then you might find it useful to review the version 2 Upgrade Guide and the version 3 Upgrade guide, although I will say that I don’t see anything in either of those guides that seems to directly relate to the problem you saw here.

Hi @apparentlymart. Sure, I already had a chance to review upgrade to version 3 AWS Provider documentation. But didn’t find anything special related to Lambda. I’m try to upgrade from 2.68.0 to 3.25 version.

@apparentlymart Also 3.15 version works as well here.