AWS Provider version update impact

we use AWS Provider version(2.70.0) now.
recently we create terraform module and this module use 3.67.0.

when we terraform plan this code, we meet this error messages.

Now, we’re thinking about whether to upgrade the provider version(2.27.0 ~> latest version).
is this critical work?? (many resources are created by terraform now.)

How we know this upgrade impact…
and how to solve this problem use multiple terraform provider?

(now terraform version is 0.12.9)


Hi @Danpatpang,

There is no way to use multiple versions of the same provider in the same configuration; providers are selected globally by finding a version that is compatible with the constraints in all modules, or failing with this error message if that isn’t possible.

Given that, your two main options here will be:

  • Relax that exact version constraint on the older version, allowing the provider to upgrade. Because this is a major version upgrade, you may need to modify other modules to be compatible.
  • Write or choose a different version of the module that introduced this higher constraint, where that alternative module will be compatible with the AWS provider version you are already using elsewhere.
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