AWS RDS Cluster DB instance throws errors after applying changes to production

Hey all!

I have a project that uses terragrunt and, therefore, terraform to maintain some services that I use on AWS, and I use the AWS provider mentioned here on version 3.75.0.

From 2023-02-24, I’ve been experiencing an unusual result while applying changes to production. Sometimes, after we apply our changes, one of our RDS Cluster DB instances starts throwing the following error:

SELECT command denied to user 'user'@'' for table 'TABLE'


  1. This issue has happened on 3 out of 5 changes that we’ve made recently
  2. This issue happens even when we do nothing in the RDS settings
  3. This issue happens to all of the tables I have
  4. Other DB nodes of the same cluster work fine
  5. After restarting the DB node, everything goes back to normal.

Do you know why this would happen or what I should be looking for?