Aws ses identity notification topic VS. aws ses event destination

HAHA: I had to remove the underscores in the resource names in the title of this post, b/c one or more words was too long


I’ve setup email bounce notifications by creating the following:

  • aws_ses_email_identity
  • aws_ses_configuration_set
  • aws_sns_topic
  • aws_sns_topic_subscription
  • aws_ses_event_destination

It’s working, but I didn’t need the actual email headers and noticed there is another terraform resource called aws_ses_identity_notification_topic which has the option to not send the email headers.

I’m curious to know what the differences are between aws_ses_identity_notification_topic and aws_ses_event_destination.

From what I can tell:

  • aws_ses_event_destination has the benefit of handling multiple SES events (bounces, complaints, etc.) in one configuration
  • I thought aws_ses_identity_notification_topic was perhaps a shortcut in that it might create the SNS topic for you, but that’s not the case. You still have to create it.

Any insights on this would be great!

Thank you,