AWS SSO resource

In light of the recent announcements from AWS regarding integration of Azure Active Directory with AWS SSO, I was wondering if there a plans to add this capability to Terraform?

There are several manual steps included to enable automatic user provisioning. I am not entirely sure if it would be possible.


Would love to know also if SSO is on the roadmap for Terraform.


This particular forum category is for Terraform Core rather than for the AWS provider, so I don’t have a definitive answer for you but I think the following AWS provider issue is for the feature you’re talking about:

You could add a :+1: reaction to the opening comment to express your support for it and watch that issue for updates, if you like.

That issue is about using SSO for auth with Terraform. There might also be an issue out there for managing SSO, so might be worth having a search in there to see if there’s a better issue to follow if that’s what you were interested in.