Aws step function-state machine execution via cloudwatch

Hi folks!

I am trying to trigger a state machine with a step function via a cloudwatch-event and i dont know how to start it. As far as i got, my guess is, that i need some attribute like ‘start_execution’ and maybe give some input. In my case i dont need an input…

I tried it like this:

resource “aws_cloudwatch_event_target” “cloudwatch-event-update-kyber”{
rule =
arn = “${aws_sfn_state_machine.sfn_state_machine.start_execution}”
role_arn = “${aws_iam_policy.invoke-Step-Funktion-policy.arn}”

I searched and tried different things about 2-3 days now and dont know what to do.

In the end i want to excecute the state-machine in a fixed loop.

Thanks a lot, and if you need other information, just tell me what.