AWS Systems Manager - Enable Explorer

I’m trying to deploy SSM association with AWS-Enable Explorer document. My deploy happens with sucessfull, but the status of execution failed. When I compare the manual creation and deployed creation I note that the deployed creation is using rate control and the manual creation is using simple execution. Here is my terraform code.

resource “aws_ssm_association” “AWS-EnableExplorer” {
provider = aws.account
name = “AWS-EnableExplorer”
association_name = “AWS-QuickSetup-SSMHostMgmt-EnableExplorer-2g8tz”
schedule_expression = “rate(30 minutes)”
apply_only_at_cron_interval = false

parameters = {
AutomationAssumeRole = “arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/AWS-QuickSetup-HostMgmtRole-us-east-1-2g8tz”

targets {
key = “aws:NoOpAutomationTag”
values = [“AWS-NoOpAutomationTarget-Value”]