AWS Tag block query

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I have a query about the tags block ( I am new to Terraform, please go easy on me too! I just want to learn and develop)

Anyway, I have been tasked with adding roughly 50+ instances to a customers current infrastructure and I was wondering if there is a way with an equation/varibles to set a certain number on the AWS Name and have it finish at a certain number.

So for example, I need to start at 16 (as there is already 15 WS) so it would be something like:

TJP-Web-16 up to TJP-Web-70

Unfortunately, as my skills aren’t advanced, I am not sure how I would go about searching this online, so I thought I would ask here. Even if its just being pointed what I can search for (if it is possible to do) so I can give it a shot.

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Jammy Shaw

Yes, you need to use count on the resource and interpolation for the tag

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Thank you for the info.

I will take a look now and see how I get on over next few days, I do have sometime to investigate and learn this thankfully :smiley: