AWS Transfer Family | SFTP service

Hello All!

I’m reaching out to see if I can get some assistance in understanding how to use the appropriate argument when creating a Transfer Family service | SFTP.
I have followed the documentation here aws_transfer_server but am not sure on how am I supposed to be using the argument/syntax.

I was able to easily create the Public facing SFTP service; but I’m trying to create the internal-facing one with VPC_ENDPOINT option. In the doc, it seems like I’m supposed to be using the vpc_endpoint_id & endpoint_details arguments in my TF script when creating the service, but I kept getting the following error when I do “terraform apply”.

Error - “Error: Error creating Transfer Server: InvalidRequestException: Unable to verify VPC Endpoint vpce-062d54d8bf609486a

The following is what I have in the script block:

resource “aws_transfer_server” “Xfer-Fam-Test” {
identity_provider_type = “SERVICE_MANAGED”
logging_role = “IAM role ARN”
endpoint_type = “VPC_ENDPOINT”
endpoint_details {
vpc_endpoint_id =
tried this line and didn’t work —> #vpc_endpoint_id =

FYI, I had added a block to create the VPC endpoint first, and this portion worked with no issue.

If anyone has had success with this use case before; please share some tips/solution. Thank you!


@ ewahyudi I had similar issue, and When I checked my VPC endpoint and figured out I created instead of, After changing this, the error has disappeared.

yes i agree with Abdulrahimanat. I did this change today and the error was fixed.