AWS: Unable to deploy Device Shadow

Hey Guys,
I currently try to deploy a IoT " aws_iot_thing" with an DeviceShadow “Classic Shadow” but either I lack the ability to find it or the provider lacks the ability to create & add a “Device Shadows” to a thing.

Could someone help me out here?

  1. Looking at the browser console doesn’t help here
  2. Searching for Shadow or classic in AWS Provider was with no match

I found that its supported by AWS-CLI
See: iot-data/update-thing-shadow
thx and cheers guys!

I am a newbie to AWS IoT things. And I am trying to find if there is a way to explicitly enable classic un-named shadow in the things created via Terraform.

Should this be lodged as a Feature Request?

@Moep90 Did you find a way to get this done within Terraform itself?

Hey @pk.241011,

yeah no I didn’t found a way to do it using TF.
It could be done using the aws cli and the local-exec provisioner but…

The AWS SDK we use on our IoT devices creates the classic shadow when initial connecting.

Best regards