AWS VIF - How to Disable BGP Authentication Key

I am setting up AWS DX transit VIF with BGP. The on-premises device is a Palo Alto firewall. After calling AWS support, the MD5 key has a mismatch. Palo Alto Firewall is having an issue adding the key to their profile and pushing out. They ask me to remove the BGP key. After researching I thought I could remove the BGP authentication key by referencing an empty string:
bgp_auth_key = “”
This terraform code failed to remove the key. I destroyed the configuration and tried to recreate with this same command; however, this didn’t work either. Does anyone know how to remove bgp authentication key using terraform code. This configuration is optional on the AWS console. The following is the registry documentation link, but there is no specific reference for what I’m trying to accomplish. Terraform Registry

I just spoke to AWS support. You cannot remove the BGP authentication key. It is required. Optional on the console means you can input your own key or AWS will create one for you.