AWS-VPC module : add tags to subnets

I am trying to create an AWS vpc using official terraform vpc module(

But I have some troubles with setting the tags for each subnet

suppose I have two subnets and I want the tag name as my_custom_tag_1 and my_custom_tag_2

There is one input option tags is available to set the tag but there is no proper documentation for how to do it

The module defines many different types of subnets for different purposes and tagging is done based on that using inputs like private_subnet_tags

So, your example isn’t covered directly.

Thanks for the reply I meant the subnet name, what I saw so far is the subnet names are automatically created using this logic

"Name" = format(
        element(var.azs, count.index),

But instead of this i want to replace with my prefered names , private_subnet_tags help us to provide additonal tags (correct me if i am wrong here)