Awscc output values

I’m trying to use awscc to create some MediaPackageV2 channel groups, since they’re not still available in the aws provider.

For every channel group I create, I need to use its egress_domain on another module (an Akamai property where the origin domain has to point to the channel group domain).

However, I’m having trouble creating an output from the channel groups. I’m doing something like this:

 output "origin_server" {
       value = awscc_mediapackagev2_channel_group.channel_group.egress_domain

As I said, I use this output in a template created with templatefile(), where origin_server is one of its var parameters.

  rules = templatefile("./akamai-property-rules.json", {
      origin = module.channel_groups_sa-east-1.origin_server

However, when origin_server is used inside the template (with ${origin}), something happens and the templatefile() function returns an empty string (or so I think, because I have no way to actually see it), because then instead of updating the property rule in Akamai, it’s deleted.

What makes me suspect of awscc, is that in the documentation, all the values that should be returned from the newly created channel group, are in the Read-Only section. I’m not sure what this means, because for the aws provider, all the values that are returned by the created resources are under the Attribute Reference section. Does this mean that these read-only attributes are not available for output, even if they’re listed in the output of terraform plan ?

  # module.channel_groups_sa-east-1.awscc_mediapackagev2_channel_group.channel_group[0] will be created
  + resource "awscc_mediapackagev2_channel_group" "channel_group" {
      + arn                = (known after apply)
      + channel_group_name = "stream-1"
      + created_at         = (known after apply)
      + description        = (known after apply)
      + egress_domain      = (known after apply)
      + id                 = (known after apply)
      + modified_at        = (known after apply)
      + tags               = (known after apply)