Azure DevOps pipeline first VM deployment


I tried today deploy first VM with Azure DevOps pipeline based on article (Deploying Terraform Infrastructure using Azure DevOps Pipelines Step by Step | by Guillermo Musumeci | Medium). During first release, INIT, VALIDATE was fine but INIT generate issue as below:

2022-06-28T09:00:53.1853643Z e[31m│e[0m e[0m-destroy option. Otherwise, create a Terraform configuration file (.tf
2022-06-28T09:00:53.1854315Z e[31m│e[0m e[0mfile) and try again.
2022-06-28T09:00:53.1854929Z e[31m╵e[0me[0m
2022-06-28T09:00:53.1921667Z ##[warning]Can’t find loc string for key: TerraformPlanFailed
2022-06-28T09:00:53.1930776Z ##[error]Error: TerraformPlanFailed 1
2022-06-28T09:00:53.1970454Z ##[section]Finishing: Terraform : azurerm

That same template was tested by my many times before during “standard deployments” directly from my machine. Could I ask you for any advice what can be wrong or missing here?

Thank you.