Azure image creation using vhd - Error


We are trying to create a packer image using vhd file which we have uploaded on to azure portal under blob storage. While creating vm using image we have received the below error: From this error there is something called “make sure the image has been properly prepared (generalized)” please let me know what does it mean to do.

Please help me on this issue to resolve.

{“code”:“DeploymentFailed”,“message”:“At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see Deployment history - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Learn for usage details.”,“details”:[{“code”:“OSProvisioningTimedOut”,“message”:“OS Provisioning for VM ‘packer-test-vm’ did not finish in the allotted time. The VM may still finish provisioning successfully. Please check provisioning state later. Also, make sure the image has been properly prepared (generalized).\r\n * Instructions for Windows: \r\n * Instructions for Linux: \r\n * If you are deploying more than 20 Virtual Machines concurrently, consider moving your custom image to shared image gallery. Please refer to Create an image definition and image version - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn for the same.”}]}