Azure Subscription Cost export Report

I am trying to create a code which will create subscription based cost management export. While I use the the " azurerm_subscription_cost_management_export" function have some trouble with Weekly export data option. When I use Weekly as parameter for “time_frame” the expected output is to export the data for last week instead it create with Daily export data. Also the Start and end date are mandatory only for “one time” time_frame but in this case the resource provider is looking for all the type. Need some insight here on this.

below is my code for reference

resource "azurerm_subscription_cost_management_export" "azbilling" {
name = var.bill_name
subscription_id = var.subscription_id
recurrence_type = "Weekly"
recurrence_period_start_date = local.start_date
recurrence_period_end_date = local.end_date
export_data_storage_location {
container_id = azurerm_storage_container.bill_container.resource_manager_id
root_folder_path = "/${var.recurrence_type}/costreport"

export_data_options {
type = "Usage"
time_frame = "TheLastWeek"

Thanks in advance for all the help.