Azure VM Creation provision failed with existing Subnet & Vnet

I am trying to provision a VM with existing subnet & Vnet in Azure. however, execution is failed with below error message.

│ Error: creating Network Interface: (Name “terraformvmnic}” / Resource Group “my_terraform_rg”): network.InterfacesClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=0 – Original Error: Code=“InvalidResourceReference” Message=“Resource /subscriptions/subscriptionIDxxxx943ef2096264/resourceGroups/xxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/vnetnamexxxx/subnets/subnetnamexxxx referenced by resource /subscriptions/subscriptionID/resourceGroups/my_terraform_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/terraformvmnic} was not found. Please make sure that the referenced resource exists, and that both resources are in the same region.” Details=

│ with azurerm_network_interface.nic,
│ on line 25, in resource “azurerm_network_interface” “nic”:
│ 25: resource “azurerm_network_interface” “nic” {

Hello guys, it has been fixed.
i was giving the incorrect azure location.