Azurerm 2 - multiple providers and modules

Hi ,

Currently I’m using terraform with azure provider of 1.4.4.
I want to upgrade to version 2 but I have critical issue.
With azurerm 2 we have to declare of empty ‘feature’ parameter in the provider block.
Currently my project contain 2 providers which I pass them to child modules:

module "custom-machine" {
  source             = "./modules/custom-machine"  
 providers = {
    azurerm.first       = azurerm.first
    azurerm.second = azurerm.second

In the child module I declare for 2 provider blocks and it’s work.
In azurerm version 2 I dont know hot to pass the features parameter… all my attempts got the error “Error: no suitable version is available” during the plan command.

I would be happy to get your help please…

anyone? any idea?
I need your help please…