Azurerm_lb adding new frontend_ip_configuration for existing (unmanaged by terraform) load balancer

Hello - I’m interested in adding new front end ip configurations to a resource that isn’t managed by terraform. I have used az cli to add these new front end up configurations to an existing load balancer (as well as lb rules/probes), but it seems that this part of the configuration is an internal block to the managed resource:

resource "azurerm_lb" "example" {
  name                = "TestLoadBalancer"
  location            = azurerm_resource_group.example.location
  resource_group_name =

  frontend_ip_configuration {
    name                 = "PublicIPAddress"
    public_ip_address_id =

Since this LB is in production I don’t want to risk overwriting it (or managing the entire resource), and since it wasn’t created by terraform, and is not managed by it, how can I add the frontend ip configuration to the existing load balancer without managing the LB in its entirety? Is this possible?