AzureRM Provider - storage_use_azuread option

I am not sure if the storage_use_azuread option supports tables?

In the official documentation it is not clearly stated:

  • storage_use_azuread - (Optional) Should the AzureRM Provider use AzureAD to connect to the Storage Blob & Queue API’s, rather than the SharedKey from the Storage Account? This can also be sourced from the ARM_STORAGE_USE_AZUREAD Environment Variable. Defaults to false.


This requires that the User/Service Principal being used has the associated Storage roles - which are added to new Contributor/Owner role-assignments, but have not been backported by Azure to existing role-assignments.


The Files Storage API does not support authenticating via AzureAD and will continue to use a SharedKey when AAD authentication is enabled.

Source: Terraform Registry