Azurerm_storage_account GZRM Secondary Region?

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I’d like to user azurerm provider with azurerm_storage_account to create a GZRS account. However, I don’t see any parameters in the documentation on how to set the secondary region for the storage account!

Does anyone have experience creating GZRS (or even GRS) storage accounts in azure using AzureRM? How do you specify the secondary region information? Thanks!

As per the MS documentation: Azure Storage Data redundancy - redundancy in a secondary region

When you create a storage account, you select the primary region for the account. The paired secondary region is determined based on the primary region, and can’t be changed.

See this for the details of the region-pairs: Azure cross-region replication | Microsoft Learn

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Ah, yes of course it does. I should have remembered that from the AZ-900 material. Sometimes it’s hard for me to really grok the training material until the situation actually comes up. Thanks

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