Backup and Restaure for Hashicorp Consul


I want to install a ha vault server in kubernetes cluster with consul ti manage my key/value data. I am using opensource version of vault and consul. Does opensource version allow backup and restaure data for consul? O I should you entreprise license?


This can help:

Difference between OSS and ENT, ENT has agent to run, you can use cron for the OSS to run frequently.

Consul snapshot backups everything in kv store, acl permissions…, if you want all kv stores only:

consul kv get -recurse > kvs_backups_date.txt ---- This will not be encrypted in consul…

Single kv store:

consul kv get kv_test/key > kv_test_backups_date.txt

To get vault kv - Vault will be encrypted:

consul kv get -recurse vault > kv_test_backups_date.txt

You need to consider config files in /etc/consul.d folder backups as well, they wont be backed up by the above.