Backup and restores of TF managed resources


We need to have the ability to backup and restore EC2/EBS volumes. We use Terraform to create the infrastructure and store the backend in S3. Is anyone using a backup solution for there Terraform managed infrastructure? If so, how does Terraform deal with a restore? What happens to the state file etc?

I have had a look at using AWS backup which works fine for backing up and restoring, however on restores it means a new instance is created and is not managed by Terraform.

It could be done using snapshots and AMIs however we require a single pane of glass which gives a centralized view for another team to do restores. It would also mean a code change to the TF code to replace the volumes/AMIs.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Can you explain the intended workflow a bit better? Are you replacing the instance with a backup or creating another instance? Are the restored instances needed long term? Do you need multiple of them? Explaining the workflow would answer most of these.