Backup - Restore

Hi all,

I am using Vault HA with raft. The use case I am trying to accomplice is:
ClusterA is operational, and makes daily backups with vault operator snapshot save. ClusterA dies and I recreate ClusterB. How do I restore the data from ClusterA into ClusterB giving the backup is encrypted with the keys from ClusterA?

Regards, Daniel


Hi Daniel -
You’d make a new Vault instance, clusterB, init and unseal and login to that… Then, restore the snapshot from clusterA using the -force flag, then unseal and login with the clusterA unseal key(s) and token.
I put a pseudo-sample-sh of this here:
It isn’t meant to run entirely, but follow along to prove you can snapshot and use that backup :slight_smile:


Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot! Really helpt me out.