Beginner questions

I’m currently evaluating whether Nomad is a good fit for my project and have a couple questions after finishing the first couple chapters of the docs.

  1. Are jobs persistent in the sense that a job is still known upon death/restart of a nomad server
  2. Does Nomad detect that a server went down and automatically re-deploys the jobs running on the dead server to another one?
  3. Can jobs be submitted via API?
  4. Is there an artificial limit of jobs? My use case would be running N jobs (hundreds or thousands) with basically the same spec (image, resource requirements etc) but varying configuration on a growable cluster
  5. Can Nomad servers seamlessly get added to increase cluster capacity?

Hi @oliverw,

Thanks for using Nomad! Answers below.

  1. Yes. All jobs are stored in the raft state.
  2. Jobs are deployed to clients. Servers manage clients. As long as there is a client available that meets the requirements of the job, and has capacity, yes, the job should get deployed to a new client.
  3. Yes!
  4. No artificial limit. Just capacity limits based on your available resources.
  5. Yes, but I think what you are really looking for is Clients more than servers. You might need to increase the server count eventually, from 3->5-7. But people run hundreds to thousands of clients with 3-to-5 servers routinely.

Hope that helps



Cool. Thanks a lot Derek.