Beginner - trying to get started - making this harder than it needs to be

What I want to do is …

  • execute a script on a server
  • that plucks login credentials from vault

I think using the vault API is the way to go forward. What I would love is a clean tutorial walking me through my first script. Any other documents or advice is appreciated.

For what it’s worth …

I have is a LDAP login to our organization’s vault server. So far I can …

  • Login to vault from CLI (vault login)
  • Grab a secret (vault kv get)


Hi Brian,

This is actually a very nuanced problem! The cleanest way to implement the workflow you’ve outlined is to use Vault Agent, which will:

  1. Authenticate to vault for you using auto-auth (vault login)
  2. Retrieve a secret and write it to a local file of your choice (vault kv get __ > /tmp/secret)

There is a tutorial for using Vault Agent with AWS.

Hope this helps!