Best Approach to add onto Hub-Spoke with VMs and Storage Accounts

Hi all,

I am trying to find the best approach to continue with the Hub-Spoke topology in Azure. We have managed to get the actual Hub-Spoke architecture to work but now we are looking at adding VMs and Storage Accounts.

As this is purely a test instance, there may be times where we destroy the Hub-Spoke architecture but want the VMs and/or Storage Accounts to remain (Provided the necessary infra that the VMs or SA’s rely on aren’t destroyed)

In this case, what would the best approach be? To set up a new file in a separate folder for VMs and another for SA’s? And how would I pull things like the resource ids and other necessary information from the Hub-Spoke project into these other 2 projects in an affective manner without hard-coding the information into the respective Variable files (Due to ids changing between destroying and re-creating the instances)

Please forgive me in advance if these seem like silly/easily solvable issues but I am really new to Terraform and could really use some guidance.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!