Best Practice for Air-Gapped Environment

Hi Everyone,
I have recently been looking up on the documentation a lot about how to use providers in an offline or air-gapped environment! There seems to be a fair few ways to do this, but I can’t seem to find a definite answer on the best practice method for doing this?
What does Terraform themselves recommend? Filesystem mirror? Network mirror? Local file system directory’s as defined in the documentation

Any advice and guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ChromeNinja,

Terraform is a piece of software and so it doesn’t “recommend” anything, but it does offer a set of different options that can potentially be useful in any situation where the computer running Terraform cannot reach the provider registry or the servers where the actual provider packages are stored.

It seems like you’ve already found the documentation about those options. Without more information I’m not sure what else I could add. Both filesystem mirrors and network mirrors are equivalent in that they let you distribute a provider from a location other than its origin registry. You can use whichever of them is most convenient for how you have configured the rest of your system.

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Thanks for the reply, sometimes people that build software recommend a way that typically works best for majority of customers, or lists out the pros and cons for both and this wasn’t clear if this was the case. If they are all equally fine to do and it just comes down to preference then that’s fine! Thanks :slight_smile: