Best practice for development & production environments with Terraform & Google Cloud

Hi team :smiley:

Apologies for the newbie question. I’d like to create a development and production environment for my K8S cluster in Google Cloud with Terraform.

It would be super helpful to have the dev env and prod env in separate Google Cloud Projects. This way we would have more clarity with billing and have more clear separation of concerns. However, Google has a tutorial that instead creates two clusters within the same project (Two VPC’s, etc.).

Can the terraform community help me understand what are the best practices on the matter? Is it better to use a single project to host two different environments and will trying to use 2 separate projects instead cause any problems when trying to build this with Terraform?

I would be super appreciative for any advice that would point me in the correct direction :slight_smile:

I’d also love any suggestions explaining the pros and cons of hosting two separate environments on two google cloud projects, as opposed to forcing them both on one.

Thanks in advance!


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