Between Terraform Plan and terraform Apply

What if, i run a terraform Apply directly, without running terraform Plan first, what will happen, it will error out, it will go ahead and apply as usual?

Hi @mayanksekhar,

The terraform apply command with no arguments creates a plan proposing a set of actions, prompts you to review and approve it, and then if you say “yes” it will carry out those actions.

The terraform plan command is the same as terraform apply except that instead of prompting for approval it will immediately exit after proposing a set of actions. That’s called a “speculative plan” and is commonly used as part of a development loop to see the effect of a change you’re in the process of making.

There is a different workflow where you can create a plan and then apply it as a separate step, but that’s intended more for running Terraform in automation than for direct use at a terminal.

If you are using Terraform directly in your terminal, you’ll typically use terraform apply alone when you intend to make changes based on your configuration.

i found the same document and read it, thoroughly, i understand now, what is happening in background, thank you for your time to share this