Block node from registering?


Is it possible to block a node from registering?

i.e.: i need to remove a node from the members list. The server might be rebooted, but i don’t want to allow it to register until i know it’s good or we decide it’s the right time to add it.

Also, is it possible to do that while the server is not registered?

Many thanks!


Can anyone help with this?

Hello @davidcsi_hotmail,

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There isn’t any current feature in Consul that will help you achieve what you are looking for. With that said, for a cluster where the nodes have gossip encryption enabled, you can block a new node from joining by not providing the gossip encryption key.

Could you also explain why you wouldn’t want the node to join the cluster so that others with similar requirements can help you by sharing their approach?


Hello and thanks for replying.
My use-case is a voip case. I want to disable the hosts and they may be restarted, and if they are, i don’t want them to register until i’ve run my smoke tests and confirmed they’re ok.
So it’s disabling them and even blocking them from registering.