Boundary 0.3.0 and Boundary Desktop 1.1.0 Released!

We’re pleased to announce Boundary 0.3.0 and Boundary Desktop 1.1.0 were released today. You can now download the Boundary 0.3.0 binary, the Boundary Desktop 1.1.0 installer, and the latest docker image for Boundary 0.3.0 from our Dockerhub repository.

0.3.0 includes a Windows variant of our desktop client, provides the ability to configure the OIDC authentication method in the administrator console, and the managed groups resource which allows the population of Boundary groups based on external IdP metadata.

For a full list of features, patches, and details see the Boundary changelog.

Thank you!

The Boundary Team


This is such a cool system, any chance a linux version of the desktop client is coming soonish?