Boundary 0.7.2 & 0.7.3 Released

We’re pleased to announce Boundary 0.7.3 and 0.7.2 were released this week, along with Boundary Desktop 1.4.1. You can now download the Boundary 0.7.3 binary, Boundary Desktop 1.4.1, and the latest Docker image from our Dockerhub repository.

0.7.2 was created exclusively as a security patch to update Go 1.17.5 to address a security vulnerability (CVE-2021-44716). See the Go announcement for more details.

0.7.3 builds on 0.7.2 and introduces a set fixes for minor bugs in the management of hosts in the admin console as well as configuring credential sets. You can read more about these in the Boundary changelog. If you haven’t already updated from Boundary 0.7.x releases, you can read up on Boundary’s new dynamic host catalog capabilities and other improvements here.

Thank you!

The Boundary Team