Boundary Community Session Limitation

Hello is there any limitation of access or session in the community version of Hashicorp Boundary.
What i mean is is there maximum session or restriction in Community Version. Thanks

Hey Jim – just answered your question here: Do Boundary Hashicorp owns Maximum Session Limitation · Issue #4096 · hashicorp/boundary · GitHub

Session controls are the same across editions of Boundary, this includes setting a session_connection_limit or session_max_seconds on a Target, and the ability to manage sessions as an Administrator. The only difference is the ability to Record Sessions, which is available in HCP/Enterprise only.

Thanks for the reply.
Btw will Boundary support Browser based client in future?

Hey Jim – this is something we’re considering, but is not on the immediate roadmap.

Few questions:

  • Is there a concern with using the Desktop Client as it stands today?
  • What’s your use case for Browser based access?
  • Which protocols would you want supported for Browser-based access? Could you foresee scenarios where you want certain users to have the ability to establish sessions via the Browser, but not others?